In the heart of Williamson County, where the echoes of history resound through rolling hills and beautifully restored homes, a new chapter begins with the opening of The Moore-Morris History and Culture Center. Stepping into the role of Managing Director is Nat Taylor, a seasoned historian and dedicated advocate for preserving the rich tapestry of our past. 

Nat’s journey to this role has been a winding path through diverse landscapes and cultural experiences. Born in southern Illinois and crisscrossing the country due to his father’s job, Nat developed a deep appreciation for the varied perspectives and narratives that shape our society. He returned to his home state to earn his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in history from Southern Illinois University.

However, it’s not just in the halls of academia where Nat’s passion for history thrived. His personal interests in genealogy led him to uncover his family ties to Middle Tennessee’s earliest settlers, a discovery that would ultimately draw him to the region. Since planting his roots in Tennessee in 2017, Nat has immersed himself in the state’s history and culture as an archivist at the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville. Nat’s work advising historical records repositories across the state enabled him to forge connections with fellow history enthusiasts and delve deeper into his research interests, especially the Reconstruction era.

Alongside his wife, Kallie, and their two daughters, Nat has enjoyed exploring Tennessee’s breathtaking landscapes and state parks. His love for travel, hiking, and exploration only amplifies his commitment to sharing the region’s vibrant history with visitors and locals alike.

Nat Taylor brings with him a wealth of knowledge, a boundless enthusiasm for storytelling, and a profound respect for the diverse voices that comprise our shared heritage. Under his leadership, The Moore-Morris History and Culture Center is poised to become not just a repository of artifacts, but a vibrant hub where the past comes alive, and the voices of history ring clear for generations to come.

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Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (10AM – 4 PM)