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The Moore-Morris History & Culture Center is Williamson County’s first state-of-the-art, interactive exhibition space dedicated to telling its comprehensive countywide history.

The Experience

Surrounded in historic brick and hardwood décor with beautiful archways and stairwells that help you traverse into distinct thematic “room,” the Center transports guests to different environments within its 6,000 square feet and three stories. Multi-sensory experiences leverage the latest immersive technologies to wrap you in the sights and sounds of our history through interactive touchscreens, projected videos, audio accents, and tactile artifacts.

Exhibit Spotlight

The Emerging Commercial Union

What began in the early 1800s as subsistence agriculture characterized by a combination of dispersed farmlands in the valley bottoms and tree-shrouded rolling hills above was eclipsed by the rise of plantations in the 1840s and 50s. Farmers and planters in the area grew and traded with their neighbors as part of a diverse cottage economy. This space will explore the period up through the Civil War. We also see the rise of local townscapes.

Managing Townscapes

The rise and fall of local business following the second World War played a vital role in the development of Franklin and small towns alike throughout Middle Tennessee.

The Industrial Landscape

After the Civil War, the process of industrialization accelerated connecting the region through new forms of transportation infrastructure. The first railroad in Williamson County was the undeveloped Tennessee and Alabama (Decatur) line, completed in 1859.

Additional Experiences

Enjoy 9 unique experiences like the ones above, including:

  • White's Tavern
  • Ascent and Decline of the Indigenous People
  • Middle TN Moments: A Local Spotlight
  • Between The Great Wars
  • The Global Landscape
  • The Vanderbilt History Lab & Storyteller's Studio

By exploring multiple perspectives and sharing local stories through the regional and national lens of Williamson County, the Center will inspire exploration, critical thinking, and a sense of community.

"This gem of a museum far exceeded our expectations! The curated content is masterfully presented will all kinds of engaging technology, the employees and volunteers are super knowledgeable and friendly, and the physical space a delight to explore. Can’t wait to bring all my out of town guests to the History & Culture Center of Williamson County, TN!"

Kathryn H.