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The Industrial Landscape

After the Civil War, the process of industrialization accelerated connecting the region through new forms of transportation infrastructure. The first railroad in Williamson County was the undeveloped Tennessee and Alabama (Decatur) line, completed in 1859. Explore Our Exhibits →

Managing Townscapes

Immerse yourself in the history of evolving townscapes after the Second World War. Stories of The Franklin Theatre, Gray Drug, Southern Discount, Wilkerson Hardware, Ike Bryan's Dry Goods, and more come to life. Also, “jail birds” from the Old, Old jail beckon to tell visitors their stories from behind bars. Explore Our Exhibits →

White’s Tavern

Begin your journey in White’s Tavern, built around 1803 on this same plot of land. Some of our current tenants will transport you back in time with their personal stories. Explore Our Exhibits →

The Emerging Commercial Union

What began in the early 1800s as subsistence agriculture characterized by a combination of dispersed farmlands in the valley bottoms and tree-shrouded rolling hills above was eclipsed by the rise of plantations in the 1840s and 50s. Farmers and planters in the area grew and traded with their neighbors as part of a diverse cottage […]